Honey is in the news.

Honey has been in the news recently because of its health benefits, but what is it that makes this ancient superfood a winner for our bodies and our taste buds, and can it really ‘boost our immune system’?
Looking after our bodies and maintaining a strong immune system has always been important, now more than ever. The term ‘boosting your immune system’ however, is not actually possible. You’re either operating on a full tank of gas (a strong immune system) or your immunity has been depleted. This can happen through stress, lack of sleep, and not eating a balanced diet. If your immune system is depleted, honey can help restore it, and if you're already running on full, honey will help your body to keep fighting the free radicals that life throws our way. Studies into honey have shown that it can support a stronger immune system because it uses antioxidants to neutralize the unstable molecules (those cheeky free radicals), and the high number of antioxidants in honey helps to prevent immune system damage. Honey also helps with the generation of white blood cells which is an important component of your immune system. Our honey is a hit with foodies, honey lovers, kids, and adults because our beekeepers have spent years working on the perfect balance of rich flavour and smooth floral notes, and they are all packed with antioxidants. All of our honeys help support your immune health, and the feedback from our loyal customers is that this honey is something special. “The product quality is exceptional $ value compared to honey items sold at the supermarket” and “The flavour of these honeys is absolutely superb” are just a couple of our most recent comments.
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