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I’ve decided to start a blog, because honey and bees are so interesting, I mean apart from keeping the planet going, they are also very clever at making our delicious honey varieties… AND also because I want to let all my new customers know a little bit more about where Lindis Gold comes from, the journey we are on, and the impact that you supporting Lindis Gold has.

The Honey Shed has been operating in Cromwell for 8 years now, and to see our honey online is sometimes overwhelming because until now I have had the opportunity to meet most of my customers in person, or at least know them through our local community. When I first thought about going online I was concerned that my honey brand wouldn’t stand out, and what I have realised is that the brand itself is not what make people keep coming back… it’s the taste. And the feedback on the taste has been so positive and is the reason I have been able to establish a regular customer base here in Central Otago.

I want to keep introducing more people to the taste difference of our natural honey made in wild locations, rich in flavour and high in antioxidants.It motivates me to keep going even though this world of online business is sometimes intimidating and a little unknown. It is awesome being able to interact with so many people via social media and to see our customers opening their Lindis Gold packages (keep tagging us in your stories) is really exciting. There are some cool things in the pipeline like some new packaging, including glass jars so I can make sure my business reflects my personal brand.

My family and I live among the pines just out of Cromwell, and we love it here. Its extremely rewarding to know that other families and households around New Zealand are also enjoying Lindis Gold Honey. Thank you for stumbling upon my website and if you would like to get in touch or have any questions about our honey you can get in touch on Facebook or email info@lindisgold.nz.

We just sent out our first customer survey and it has been so nice seeing all these awesome comments coming through! 

"The flavour of these honeys is absolutely superb. "
8/23/2020 5:31 PM  

"Efficient service and great background story of how the honey is sourced "
8/23/2020 5:04 PM  

"Love the pure flavours in your range. A definite point of difference from other honeys"
8/23/2020 3:56 PM  

"Good range. Honest product. Vipers bugloss brings back memories of living in Omarama. "
8/23/2020 3:53 PM  

"Great service, lovely product"
8/23/2020 1:37 PM  

"Best in NZ"
8/23/2020 12:56 PM

If you are new to Lindis Gold, we have a few sweet honey sets to introduce you to our range which you can take a look at here

Thank you for your support,


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