The Care Pack

If you have an extended family to cater for, or know someone who just LOVE'S honey but is having to budget their sweet indulgences to cover the ever increasing costs of life this pack is perfect. Maybe you know a household of students who could do with some immune strengthening antioxidants, or have a friend who deserves a little sweetening up. Save $7 and get free shipping on this special care pack of 3 x 500g jars that will leave the lucky recipient feeling sweet and special. Choose your delivery frequency.

The Family Pack

Save $12 per delivery PLUS get FREE shipping with this family size honey delivery of 2 x 250g jars and a 1kg jar of your choice. Keep one, gift one, eat one, or enjoy all three. This pack is dispatched within 48 hours of your monthly payment. Subsequent payments are charged on the same day the following month (or 2nd, or 3rd month) depending on your selected payment frequency. Choose your delivery frequency.

The Classic Pack

Receive 3 x 250g jars of your choice to enjoy at your frequency. Choose monthly deliveries for households with a few honey lovers, or if you can pace yourself then every 2nd or 3rd month might suit you more. This is a great little gift idea, or thoughtful way to make sure your family and friends can enjoy honey, try our creative recipe ideas and get the details on how to replace refined sugar with our NZ natural honey. Save $9 on this delivery, perfect for couples, singles, retirees and anyone who loves to hit the road with their honey stash in tow. Choose your delivery frequency.

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