We work with nature’s timing, working in tune with their bees and allowing them to forage freely within the wide, open expanses of Central Otago and the Wild West Coast. Forage & Gold honey is gathered when it is naturally ready and most importantly, with a focus on keeping the honey’s integrity so when it reaches the table, it is as pure as it was when it left the hive. 

 We know that the right packaging is essential to ensure that our honey stays fresh and that is why we have chosen sustainable glass packaging to not only protect their honey but also the future of the wild spaces our honey is made. Good food is key to a healthy, balanced life and busy shouldn’t mean unhealthy. Forage & Gold want to educate people on the diverse applications of honey, helping people to incorporate this naturally available superfood into their lives to improve health and wellbeing.



Each Forage & Gold hive location is sourced with purpose, each process perfected over generations, and with the next generation in mind, the Forage & Gold mission is simple: to do better. We want to change the way people think about this naturally available superfood. Forage & Gold proudly produce five honey flavours, each with a unique flavour profile. Our free range bees forage the flowers from Clover, Thyme, Manuka, Vipers Bugloss and Kamahi plants, with each flower leading to a different honey taste profile and aroma.



Our little honey shed is one of Cromwell's hidden gems. We opened our roadside store in 2011, after seeing how popular our unique honeys were at the Cromwell Farmers Market. Even though we have set up our online store so that people from all over New Zealand can purchase our liquid gold, our roadside honey shop is still open for business every day of the week.


If you're in the neighbourhood, make sure you come and say hi!


Glass is the most sustainable package on earth and wanting to be part of the solution to creating a better world, we package our honey in glass jars and are creating a circular system that ensures everyone receives their honey fix, while creating as little waste as possible.
Remove label, clean and dry your jar and return either in person or via post to The Honey Shed, 230 Bannockburn Road.
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