Kamahi Honey

Chef's love this one - and with high amounts of minerals and trace elements it is a tasty way to amplify your toast and start your day off with the natural health benefits of honey. Kamahi Honey is the perfect cooking honey too. Sweeten up a spicy dishes, like Indian and Thai recipes. Bold, with a distinctive earthy aroma and a complex bouquet of natural sweetness. Our premium quality Kamahi contains antioxidants which have been linked to great skin, and also to heart health benefits.

Kamahi trees flourish in the native forests of South Westland. Each summer, deep in this untouched wilderness, our bees gather the plentiful honey they find in the masses of creamy kamahi flowers.

Where does your honey come from? Buying direct from local suppliers and supplementing one or two items from your weekly grocery shop means that you can support local, plus when shopping with Forage & Gold you can guarantee the origins of your honey are as genuine as the level of care that goes into creating each jar. While we understand you can pick up honey at the supermarket without paying for shipping, right now is an important time to consider shopping direct so we are giving you free shipping on orders over $30. If you are a honey lover, and would like to get a delivery every few months, you can also checkout our subscription packs which all include complimentary shipping and will help us plan into the future while providing NZ households with sustainable and delicious honey varieties.

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